WATCH: Bobby And Rachael Have A Pissing Contest Over Who’s More Fit, Everyone Loses

You know how health nuts who don’t subscribe to any particular diet or fitness plan (other than one which is sufficiently nutty) can sound kind of crazy when they talk about how great their life is because they don’t live by any strict set of health rules?

Like how, in spite of the fact that they don’t deprive themselves of any particular food group to remain healthful, they get really down-to-the-noodle-count obsessive over the foods they do eat?

And how they loooove working out because if they don’t, they feel crazy? Like, in their mind, they feel CRAZY. Like, sort of cloudy, or unfocused, or cloudy. What’s another word that describes that? Oh, cloudy…?

Yeah. Welcome to Bobby Flay and Rachael Ray’s TWENTY MINUTE LONG discussion of health and fitness on today’s The Rachael Ray Show, in honor of Bobby’s new fitness webseries. They’re both working very, very hard to make healthy eating and exercise seem like a no-hassle, easy peasy, everybody wins good time. We applaud them. But also, is it just us or do they sound completely manic?

Check out parts one and two of Bobby’s appearance below.

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