Bobby Flay To Guest Star On Upcoming Portlandia Special

Bobby Flay: restaurateur, chef, grilling authority, and… actor? Following his recent cameos in final season of Entourage , Bobby is set to flex his acting muscles once again by guest starring on an upcoming episode of Portlandia.

The episode, which premieres on IFC July 20, is called “The Brunch Special”, and is designed to be a behind the scenes look at the second season finale, “Brunch Village”. In the finale, the characters battle the entire city of Portland in a crazy pancake Battle Royale in order to eat brunch at the fictional Fisherman’s Porch.

Bobby will be playing himself in the special, and he helps the show’s co-creator and director Jonathan Krisel make the best marionberry pancakes that the Portland brunch crowd has ever seen. We’re glad Bobby’s decided to branch out into acting, but maybe someone should let him know that if he’s serious about it, he needs to try playing a character other than himself. Maybe someone can get him a role on Law and Order

Check out a preview for the episode below, and catch Bobby’s star turn on Friday!


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