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WATCH: Bobby Flay Teaches Savannah Guthrie How To Cut Onion In Half On Today

This morning’s installment of “Savannah’s Cooking School,” The Today Show’s attempt to enlighten Savannah Guthrie’s culinary know-how, kicked off with Bobby Flay teaching her the basics of chicken stock and tomato sauce.

While yesterday we threw our arms up in the air with the force of flailing Muppets over the series’ mere existence, today Al Roker and Matt Lauer did a pretty good job of teasing Savannah better than we ever could.

Things Savannah finds confusing: chicken bones, dicing onions, why we make stock when we can buy it in a box at the grocery store. (The answer, Savannah, involves shriveling up with dehydration and/or going into sodium shock.) For perspective: Savannah Guthrie is a lawyer who spent last night analyzing the debates for NBC.

How many lawyers does it take to chop off a lawyer’s thumb while making sauce? Check out the clip below to find out.

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