Bobby Flay’s Mom on From Scratch: ‘You’re Not a Diva Like the Rest of Them’ (VIDEO)

Bobby Flay co-hosted The Rachael Ray Show today, and while the pair were discussing his monthly gig on the show, B-Flay brought up that his 82-year-old mother frequently scolds him for failing to invite her to his special TV appearances. So, she was invited to sit in the audience of this particular episode, and proceeded to leave Bobby what might be the best mom-voicemail anyone has ever gotten.

Sadly, Mama Flay couldn’t come visit the set that day, citing exhaustion as her primary excuse. She had been “at the casino till 3am” the past few nights, and had a hoppin’ “75th Birthday Party” to attend the previous evening, thus, she just wasn’t sure she’d be recovered enough to make a TV appearance.

“I want to be in a good frame of mind when I go on there. I know you’re going to put the camera on me, even though you say you won’t,” she disclosed in a voicemail Bobby played back on the show.

“By the way,” she adds, “The news — that tell-all book from the Food Network — yours was a great writeup, by the way. You’re not a diva like the rest of them. But we all knew that, right?”

You can listen to the voicemail in its entirety below.

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