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WATCH: Bob Of Bob’s Burgers Tries Out To Be A Celebrity Chef

Last night’s season finale of the FX show Bob’s Burgers saw the Belcher family fall victim to the destructive forces of local morning show cooking segment fame, in a scenario clearly ripped from The Braiser headlines, Law and Order-style.

The episode, entitled “Beefsquatch”, sees the patriarch of our favorite animated dysfunctional family¬†who also runs a burger joint (Bob, voiced by Archer’s H. Jon Benjamin) try out for a cooking segment on the local TV morning show. Naturally, his kids (voiced by Eugene Mirman, Kristen Schaal, and Dan Mintz) mock him relentlessly, calling him “Rachael Ray with bigger hips”:

Later, during the audition, his son Gene has some brilliant ideas to consolidate his fame. This is, strangely, not as extreme as some other ideas for food show fame.

And of course, as the father-sasquatch-son duo grows in fame, so too doth their enmity:

Ah, fame, that fickle, fickle beast.

The episode is currently on Hulu+ and will be on Hulu on May 28th.

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