PHOTOS: Team USA’s Dishes At The Bocuse d’Or, Courtesy Of Thomas Keller

You know who’s being super obnoxious right now and incessantly snapping photos of chefs and plates of food? Thomas Keller at the Bocuse d’Or 2013. And bless him and his Papa Bear-esque commitment to seeing Chef Richard Rosendale and Commis Corey Siegel through to the podium for it. He’s been dutifully live-tweeting status updates on the second day of competition of Team USA’s progress.

You can find their fish dish — a turbot inspired by West Virginia; be still our hearts — towards the bottom of this feed, and we’ll keep you posted as soon as their meat dish hits the plate. We’ve included a few extra photo angles from Bon Appetit, and bonus tweets from Grant Achatz, who’s in the crowd cheering on Team USA and stuffing his adorable half-smirk-painted face with baguettes.

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