An Olympics You Don’t Have to Boycott: Bocuse d’Or 2015 Team USA Announed

Oh, fine, nerds; technically the Bocuse d’Or isn’t an Olympiad because it occurs biennially. But it is widely touted as the culinary Olympics, and thus, you should channel all your displaced excitement from the now-unexciting/homophobic Sochi games to the newly announced Bocuse d’Or Team USA.

Coaching the team, as always, will be a combination of the United States’ most gifted CULINARY GODS, like Thomas Keller, Grant Achatz, Daniel Boulud, a lot of other chefs without vaginas, and four with (Traci Des Jardins, Susan Spicer, Barbara Lynch, and Anne Quatrano).

We were all riled up to storm the semi-finals and cheer on the competitors, but either the qualifying competition was held quietly, or they just pulled from applications this year, or Thomas Keller was totally nepotistic and just pushed The French Laundry’s Executive Sous Chef Philip Tessier’s app to the top of the list.

He’ll be representing the United States with his chosen commis, 21-year-old Skylar Stover, who also works at The French Laundry as the chef de partie.

Maybe someday, the United States will break the Bocuse glass ceiling and send a lady chef to do what the men have never succeeded at. BAHAHAHAH, good one, us.

[Inside SF]

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