Thomas Keller Lays Out The Bocuse d’Or Rule Changes, For All You Folks Playing At Home


This year, the Bocuse d’Or went through some controversial rule changes, stunning many of the contestants and leading a few frontrunners to accuse the French organization of favoring the Americans — or, at the very least, creating a format that favored people who watch a lot of food television.

A short while ago, the Bocuse organizers sat all the teams down and explained exactly what rules had been changed — and more importantly, why. Renowned chef Thomas Keller, whom we’ve turned into an impromptu Braiser correspondent without his knowledge, has been live-tweeting their announcement:





In case you forgot, Team USA competes tomorrow morning. Send your best wishes to Team USA by tweeting “AMURRIKUH!” to @BocusedOrUSA, Richard Rosendale (@RosendaleCMC), Thomas Keller (@Chef_Keller), or @DanielBoulud (for the LOLs.)


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