Bon Appetit Staffers Lick Envelopes For A Tax-Day Taste Test, Clearly Never Watched Seinfeld

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It’s almost time for people to file their tax returns, which is, obviously, why Bon Appetit published this article ranking the tastiest…envelope glue. By brand.

At first we wondered if Buzzfeed was pranking us. Then we wondered if Bon Appetit had engaged in a bit of shark-jumping. And then we slapped ourselves for our insensitivity, because there was a greater, more human problem in front of us: did author Danielle Walsh and all her test subjects die after licking those envelopes?!

See, we know this is a real problem, because Seinfeld devoted an entire episode to it:

And we don’t care if a board-certified dentist wrote on The Huffington Post that there are no known cases of envelope-glue related deaths, or whatever silly urban myths might come out of envelope-licking.

So, Danielle: are you okay? Do we need to bring over the charcoal or ipecac? We salute your commitment to journalisms.

[Bon Appetit]

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