WATCH: David Bouley Conducts His Farm ‘Like A Living Laboratory’

Is David Bouley trying to get his Rene Redzepi on Stateside? With the announcement on CBS This Morning that he’s using his farm as a “living laboratory” to figure out what happened to the flavor in our vegetables, the comparison doesn’t seem too far off.

David appeared on CBS This Morning to show off some of Bouley’s most popular New Year’s Eve dishes, and, while showing off oysters and kiwi (did you know they share the same 18-mineral makeup?), foie gras and duck, complete with a stirring defense of foie production, and tea-smoked fingerling potatoes with caviar, David explained the sciencey goings-on at his farm.

For example, he’s teamed up with a Cornell food physiologist to help quantify the nutrient density of his vegetables! Check out the clip below.

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