Bourdain: Instagramming Food Is Really About One-Upsmanship

Elder Punkass Chef Statesman Anthony Bourdain recently did an interview with Smithsonian Magazine, which means he is now technically part of American history. Museum jokes aside, it’s been twelve years since he published the groundbreaking Kitchen Confidential, and the world has changed. For instance, Instagram now exists! And social media!

“Chefs bitch about it when it’s going on in their restaurants,” Bourdain tells Smithsonian, “yet when they go out to dinner, they’re taking pictures of everything. And any notion that that’s sharing? It’s bullshit. It’s about making other people feel bad about what they’re eating. And a certain knowledge that what you’re eating is more interesting.”

At the same time, food porn ain’t that bad:

“I mean, I like watching really good food porn…Beautiful food that I know what it is, I know what they’re making, or I’m curious about the culture it’s coming from. I could watch that all day. I like watching food porn, I like making food porn for people who are really all about the food and learning about food or imagining about food.”

[Smithsonian Magazine]
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