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WATCH: Bourdain’s New Mexico Episode Airs at the Same Time as Breaking Bad Finale

On Sunday night at 9 PM EST, viewers will get to choose which drug-pushing, gun-toting, middle-aged man they want to watch wander the New Mexico desert.

One of them will be avuncular food host (and former drug-pusher) Anthony Bourdain, who will wield an adorable little AR-15 peashooter at an outdoor range and eat some very nice chili (seen below) on CNN’s Parts Unknown.

The other one will be Bryan Cranston as Walter White, mowing down Albuquerque’s Nazi population with an M-60 in the greatest, most anticipated series finale ever to air on television.

“But Anthony Bourdain just ate some really spicy chili!” one might protest. “Let’s see Walter White do that!”

Walter White will likely eat something more extreme: death. (Or ricin.)

Sorry, Tony. Shakespearean meth dramas/cultural zeitgeists trump CNN any day of the week. We’ll DVR you, if we can remember that something exists outside of our jaw-dropping sorrow.

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