Guess How Much Bourdain And Ripert’s ‘Good & Evil’ Chocolate Bar Costs?

The chocolate bar that inspired us to hunt out a Willy Wonka cast of celebrity chefs has finally received a release date and distribution location. Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert’s Good and Evil bar hits virtual shelves today at their chocolatier partner Christopher Curtin’s online Éclat Chocolate shop.

According to the press release, the 72% cacao bar reflects Eric’s “good” with chocolate and Anthony’s “evil” with cacao nibs: “This duality mirrors the connection between Ripert, who only sees the ‘good’ in food, and Bourdain, who embraces the ‘evil’ of the dark cocoa nibs.”

…Are cacao nibs really that evil?

Anyway, it runs at $18 a bar, yes, but after reading The Philadelphia Inquirer’s Rick Nichols’ account of the painstaking process under which the bar is crafted, we’re starting to think it’s a bargain. It’s actually ridiculously complicated, and takes forever. Side note: Eric Ripert is going to need to start saying “bitch” more, if he’s going to be the Jesse Pinkman of the equation… oh, fine, we’ll start casting Celebrity Chef Breaking Bad.

[Eater h/t Huffington Post, Philadelphia Enquirer]

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