Chefs Stack Up The Vice Presidential Debate Vs. Last Night’s Roast Of Anthony Bourdain

Gail Simmons called it: the big pink elephant on the red (actually, orange) carpet of last night’s New York Wine & Food Festival Roast of Anthony Bourdain was the fact that it coincided perfectly with the vice-presidential debates. One was a face-off between an old dude and a hot guy and the other was a face-off between an old dude and many hot people. We overheard Rachael Ray, who was among the hot roasters (flawless cleavage, by the way!), confirm that she was Tivoing the debates at home to watch after she had finished ripping Tony a new one, which basically sounds like the perfect night, when you consider how many bowls of red wine she was about to consume.

So, we had to ask some of our favorite food personalities as they came down the red carpet: who did they think was going to have better zingers? The roasters or the Vice Presidential candidates? Here’s how a few of our fellow Americans (and one Canadian; notice how we let Eric Ripert off the hook for this question) thought the roast would stack up against the Vice Presidential debates:

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