Twitter Catfight: Anthony Bourdain and Other Chefs Challenged by @ChefsforSeals


Now who could be mad at that adorable face? A lot of people, apparently.

The fight over the controversial practice of seal hunting has only gotten more angry and convoluted by both sides — and you know, airing out grievances and establishing personal stances on Twitter isn’t always such a good idea.

The Twitter cat fight between numerous chefs and @ChefsforSeals started innocuously enough. Writer Michael Ruhlman was asked about his stance on the recent Humane Society petition signed by fellow chefs to boycott Canadian seafood until seal hunting is outlawed.

To which, Ruhlman sided with noted seal hunt backer Anthony Bourdain:

So @ChefsForSeals jumped in:

And then the real sucker punch came via Ruhlman:

@ChefsforSeals took the high road, temporarily:

Others jumped in on the fight:

And so did José Andrés, who tried to shut that thing down in the most polite, civil way possible.

@ChefsforSeals continued to defend themselves:

Finally, Bourdain jumped in on the conversation – and that’s when shit started getting nasty:

While Ruhlman called on other chefs to take up their stance, like Michael Symon, other chefs, like Matt McDonald, Montreal’s David MacMillan and Top Chef contestant David Chaz also hopped in the argument. It’s safe to say things got heated on both sides:

Our personal favorite …:

We could go on, and on, and on with the number of Tweets spewing out over this debate. So finally, Bourdain issued the final ultimatum:

So um, yeah. In the words of Anchorman, that escalated quickly.

We won’t determine who the real winner of this Tweet-fight is, but we will say that we think Marc Vetri is the winner of life for his stance on it all:

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