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Bravo Developing Scripted Series About Coca-Cola Vs. Pepsi

It seems like all the cool cable channels nowadays are writing scripted dramas, and thus Bravo’s foray into Emmy bait territory was inevitable. But Deadline reports that Bravo’s currently developing the most Bravo-like program that it could possibly air: a scripted drama about the 1980’s advertising wars between Coca-Cola and Pepsi.

Cola Wars, according to Deadline, will be produced by Flipping Out showrunner Andrew Hoegl and will feature gruesome, bloody fights between Coke and Pepsi icons: Michael Jackson against “Mean Joe” Green, Britney Spears against Santa Claus, and a little girl against a polar bear.

Ha, just kidding. It’s basically a look at the advertising teams behind these campaigns, as well as the overall struggle for each company to gain dominance over the cola market. Essentially, this is Mad Men set in the eighties and how these advertising wars sparked today’s obesity crisis and Michael Bloomberg’s curtailment of civil liberties.

Unless there’s a montage of people throwing colas into each others’ faces (a Bravo mainstay), we think we prefer the death matches. (But just admit it, Top Chef fans. You would love it.)

[Deadine via HuffPost]

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