comScore Kitchit and Bravo Lets People Hire Former Top Chef Contestants

Bravo Teams Up with Kitchit to Pimp Out Former Top Chef-testants

Once a cheftestant has appeared on Top Chef, no matter if they win or lose, they’re taken into the Last Chance Kitchen and branded with the Top Chef Cattle Prod, leaving a scar that will allow Bravo to permanently own the cheftestant, legally and spiritually binding them to Bravo’s servitude and will for the rest of time.

This is the only way that we can explain Bravo’s new partnership with the chef-hiring service Kitchit, announced today, which will allow regular people to hire former cheftestants to cater parties and cook dinners in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and San Francisco. In other words: Top Chef is now, quite literally, pimping out its cheftestants.

Your choice of 35 hos cheftestants range from the “who the hell is this person” (Jill Snyder? Ash Fulk? Lynne Gigliotti? Wha?) who will bring themselves to your home to cook, to the successful ones with special menus at their restaurants (Ilan Hall, CJ Jacobson, Sarah Gruenenberg), to the ones who are pretty reality TV stars that are so, so pretty (Chris Crary). Prices range from $50 per person to $200, and includes special, personal time with the chefs. To introduce the new service, Bravo and Kitchit are running a contest whereupon the winner will receive a free party thrown by one Marcel Vigneron, Bravo’s bottom bitch.

Some are famous. Some are not. All are under the ownership and power of Bravo. Bravo is generous and kind. Bravo is merciful and good. We love Bravo.


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