Bravo Getting In On Tourism Game With ‘Top Chef: The Cruise’

Paula Deen Cruise, consider yourself one-up’d. Not only did Bravo get a bigger cruise ship for their very first Top Chef cruise (titled, appropriately, Top Chef: The Cruise), they’ve got at least ten of the series’ biggest personalities signed on, with an inexact number more to be announced.

Hosted by Tom Colicchio and Gail Simmons, Top Chef: The Cruise really sounds less like a cruise and more like a movie. If it were a movie, it would probably be The Expendables, because the cast is just that big: Hubert Keller, Tim Love, Jen Carroll, Tiffany Derry,  Chris Hamner, Mike Isabella, Spike Mendelsohn, Hosea Rosenberg, Angelo Sosa, and Casey Thompson have all been confirmed to get on a boat like Leo.

And also like The Expendables, the cruise starts off in a land full of old people (the cruise departs from Miami, FL) and the action takes place on some sunny coast in Latin America (and by that we mean Cozumel, Mexico). All this, plus things like Top Chef menus, panel discussions, interactive Quickfires, cocktail party(s?), “surprises” that Bravo hasn’t mentioned yet, and the prospect of celebrity chefs throwing each other overboard? All for the low (minimum) price of $749?

Top Chef: The Cruise hits select oceans on April 11th for a limited run through the 15th. Book tickets here, and then tell us about your super cool trip.

[Top Chef: The Cruise via Food Republic.]

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