Breakfast Links: Hannibal Buress Has Terrible Egg Scrambling Technique, Is Lovable Anyway

“Make sure you have eggs. There’s no real substitute.” Also, “pan moisturizers.” WHEN IS BROAD CITY COMING BACK?

Diners At La Fontana Restaurant In Suburban NY May Have Been Exposed To Hepatitis A
(Huffington Post)
Hep A is the kind where you can get a vaccine within 14 days, or cure it with a few weeks of rest if contracted, and fewer than 1000 cases result in complications leading to death. But STILL. “Traces of feces” is not a line you want to be reading about an Italian restaurant.

KFC Is Selling Fried Chicken Corsages for Prom (Eater)
Honestly? At least it’s not a bacon corsage.

Derek and Daniel Koch take business to Middle East (New York Post)
Our favorite twin douchebros are taking their Day & Night brunch party to Dubai, after their special brand of “hospitality” annoyed The Plaza residents so much that the Oak Room lost its lease.

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