Breakfast Links: Man Buys New Neighbor Applebee’s Gift Card To Be Nice, Cynical Internet Assumes PR Stunt

Heartwarming letter welcoming new neighbor with Applebees gift card goes viral (NY Daily News)
A guy named Chris decided to welcome his new neighbor to the building with a list of things she might need to know about the unit, plus an Applebee’s giftcard, for “dinner on him” while she was dealing with the stress of moving. This has prompted jaded Redditors to speculate that it’s a PR stunt by Applebee’s, and jaded Braiser staff to speculate that it’s a guy creepily hitting on his hot new neighbor.

Kraft Recalls 96,000 Pounds of Oscar Mayer Wieners
(New York Times)
Kraft mistakenly packaged 96,000 pounds of Oscar Mayer “Classic Wieners” with “Classic Cheese Dogs,” which since they contain unlabeled dairy, are considered a Class I recall health risk. In other news, that cheese goo inside of cheese dogs apparently contains real dairy.

CA Del Taco Accidentally Charges Customers Thousands (Eater)
A California taco chain accidentally billed customers charges like $10,220 for $10.20 worth of tacos, which they claim is a computer glitch, but we assume is someone trying to drunk-register.

I’m Only into Jean-Georges’s Early Stuff
GQ explores the plight of the foodie hipster, asking if you’re addicted to dining out.

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