Breakfast Links: Thrillist Put a Cupcake on Tinder, We’re All Going To Die Alone

National Magazine Awards 2014 Winners Announced (American Society of Magazine Editors)
Bon Appetit earned two nods at the National Magazine Awards — one in Style and Design and one in Photography. Apparently Most Dapper Editor-In-Chief is not an award. (But if it were, Adam Rapoport would be a shoe-in.)

Pastry Chef Will Goldfarb Goes for the Dessert Tastings at Empellón Cocina and Juni (Grub Street)
Acclaimed pastry chef turned ex-pat Will Goldfarb is the star of this week’s “Grub Street Diet,” and, needless to say, we whole-heartedly approve of his Cancer Screening Day breakfast tradition.

Bourdain Plans a Jiro Prequel, a Jeremiah Tower Doc, AND a Shep Gordon Memoir (Eater)
Anthony Bourdain has a Jiro prequel in the works, which will do nothing to ease President Obama’s shame at not finishing his tasting menu.

What Being a Cupcake Taught Me About Dating (Thrillist)
Thrillist put a male cupcake on Tinder and things went pretty well for him. WHY DON’T YOU TRY BEING A LADY ON TINDER AND SEE HOW THAT FEELS?

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