Breakfast Links: Justin Timberlake’s Ramen Hair Is Amusing The Internet Again

Remember When Justin Timberlake’s Hair Looked Like Ramen Noodles? We Do (Huffington Post Food)
You’re welcome.

April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman Confirm New Project for East Village (Grub Street)
The worst kept secret in restaurant openings is always that April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman are inevitably opening another place. This time, it’s a wine bar/sandwich shop/coffee house in the East Village.

Baristas Are at Risk for Repetitive Stress Injuries from Making Coffee (Eater)
Baristas’ wrists are basically on the verge of falling off. Will no one help the baristas?

Powerade drops controversial ingredient
(USA Today)
Brominated vegetable oil is being phased out of Powerade but we don’t know how marketing-savvy it is to phase an ingredient that starts with “bro” out of a sports drink.

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