Breakfast Links: New York Times Destroys Ruth Reichl’s Debut Novel

Canny Taste Buds and a Nose for Sleuthing
(New York Times)
The New York Times reviewed Ruth Reichl’s new novel Delicious, which “will make you wonder if the energy we’ve been putting into food these last few decades hasn’t made us each lose, on average, a dozen I.Q. points.” YIKES.

Pok Pok Ny Begins Breakfast Service Today (Grub Street)

Thomas Keller Is Working on an Ice Cream Shop Called Bouchon Creamery (Eater)
How did Thomas Keller know that what the world needs now is Bouchon ice cream? He really is the best of his time.

Fuck, That’s Delicious, Episode 1
(VICE Munchies)
Action Bronson takes a culinary tour of Queens on episode one of VICE Munchies’ latest series Fuck, That’s Delicious.

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