Breakfast Links: Train Crashes into Watermelon Truck, Life Imitates Game of Thrones

WATCH: Speeding train slams into truck full of watermelons in Florida (New York Daily News)
Would you like a neat visual reminder of how last night’s Game of Thrones ended? #TheMountainAndTheViper

Starbucks Opens Disney World Location with Moss Art and Touchscreens (Eater)
This is the future. And we’re all living in Mickey’s house.

Dunkin’ Donuts Customer With Carbon Monoxide Detector Saves Employees’ Lives (Grub Street)
Excuse us, we’re buying carbon monoxide detectors and wearing them everywhere. DETECTION IS THE NEW NORMCORE.

How We Got Red Meat Wrong (The Atlantic)
Colonists didn’t eat their vegetables, either.

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