Breakfast Links: Whole Foods CEO Is a Broken Record on Obamacare

Huffington Post: It’s certainly not the first time Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has ripped on Obamacare, but apparently crusading against GMOs wasn’t enough to keep the holiday buzz going for him. In an appearance on FOX News, Mackey called himself a “conscious capitalist,” which is way more mellow than the usual adjectives he’s used in the past (re: calling Obamacare “fascism”). Le sigh.

TODAY: We’re still super amused by what the Presidents eat during the holidays, apparently. George W. Bush was all about the filet mignon, the Clintons liked canapés. And Southern food, because duh.

Independent: First it was Christmas with Rene Redzepi, now it’s world travels. Redzepi shares “his life in travel,” which basically equals a lot of adventure and zen in Mexico, reading up on cookbooks and chef on planes, and finding plaster in an airplane muffin that one time.

Philadelphia Magazine: Yikes — someone accused a local restaurant in Philly of butchering cats in the basement… which was a lie.

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