Breakfast Links: A Retrospective of David Letterman Cooking on TV

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14 Clips of David Letterman Cooking With Everyone From Liberace to Daniel Boulud (Grub Street)
In the wake of David Letterman announcing his retirement, here are 14 videos wherein he pretends to be a bad cook, while his guests show off their own great cooking abilities. (Even Liberace!)

Video Interlude: Watch Andrew Zimmern’s Failed 2001 Talk-Show Pilot (Eater National)
Speaking of David Letterman and his potential replacement, here’s Zimmern taking a stab at being a late-night host. Whaddya say, internet? Should we push for Zimmz? Social media campaign? Eh?

McDonald’s Suspends Work In Crimea (Reuters)
In the wake of the Russian invasion of Crimea, McDonald’s announced that it would shut down all operations in the peninsula and offered to help its employees relocate to the Ukraine if necessary, preserving their jobs in the process. (What’s the likelihood that they’re treating their Ukrainian employees better than their US employees? High? REALLY high?)

El Bulli treasure trove clears up a mystery — why it all ended (LA Times)
Part of it was psychological, and part of it was boredom: “The time came when there were very few things left to improve on the organizational front, which brought with it a certain monotony.”

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