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Breakfast Links: Alton Brown, International Jetsetter

He’s Traveling in First Class, but He’ll Still Look at Your Recipe (The New York Times)
Alton Brown is a jetsetter, but there are some times when he flies his own freaking eight-seater Cessna. #airplanejealous

Some Emotions, Such As Love, Can Affect Taste: Study (The Huffington Post)
We don’t believe this headline or this study. What’s love got to do, got to do with it? Who needs a heart when a hollandaise can be broken?

Colman Andrews and John Mariani to Debate Modernist Cuisine (The Daily Meal)
After Esquire’s John Mariani forcefully dismissed avant-garde molecular cuisine as having “next to zero” influence on the world of cooking in general, The Daily Meal’s Colman Andrews was compelled to tell Mariani “he clearly needs to get out more.” On February 4th, they’ll be able to say it to each other’s faces.

China Aims for Food Security as Pollution Destroys Crop Land (Bloomberg Businessweek)
HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH good luck, China.

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