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Breakfast Links: Bourbon Economics 101

Here’s who’s pushing up the prices of your fancy bourbon (Quartz)
It’s market mechanics, stupid. Basically, everyone loves bourbon so much that there’s not enough to meet demand. Eventually markets will normalize. Until then, cry at these charts.

Meals on Wheels: Seattle Company Plans to Unleash a Fleet of Marijuana Food Trucks (Eater)
Imagine heaven on wheels. For a certain type of person, this is it.

Guardian’s Marina O’Loughlin named restaurant reviewer of the year (Guardian UK)
We’d like to thank the judges’ panel at the prestigious Fortnum & Mason food awards for naming us, the people behind the pseudonym “Marina O’Loughlin,” this award. (In case you weren’t aware, we’re Marina O’Loughlin.)

Modernist Cuisine Will Release a Bread Book (Grub Street)
…which your gluten-sensitive friends will politely decline, saying that they’re “allergic to the stuff in bread books.”

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