Breakfast Links: Bourdain and Ruhlman Do Vegas, Go to A Dark Place Within Souls

How Anthony Bourdain And Michael Ruhlman Overcame Their Las Vegas Problems (Food Republic)
Next Sunday, the food world’s best frenemies for life go to Las Vegas. CNN paid for it. Ruhlman woke up with a hangover and terrible memories, and reminisced about it to Food Republic. Poor Ruhlman.

Here’s the Cover for Dominique Ansel’s Cookbook (Grub Street)
And there it is. (There’s also some sort of free cronut giveaway going on, and we’d frankly be interested to know what the demand’s been like since the mouse infestation.)

Canadian Pizza Chain Threatens to Unleash ‘Pizza Cake’ (Eater)
As part of a promotion called “Pizza Game Changers,” a Canadian pizza chain called Boston Pizza is allowing its loyal customers to choose their newest pizza mashup menu item. In the lead is a pizza cake. We are going to turn this car around and leave you kids by the side of the road if you keep doing this.

BP Oil Spill hasn’t changed locals and tourist seafood eating habits four years later (
A reminder: there was a terrible ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico four years ago, and it was terrible, and people are still suffering. Remember that.

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