Breakfast Links: Bourdain is Pretty Damn Sure Putin Will Get His Way in Crimea

US can’t change Crimea situation: Bourdain (Page Six)
Probably anticipating this morning’s news (Putin annexed Crimea with the slightest of ease), Bourdain, who recently filmed Parts Unknown in Russia, weighs in on Putin’s viselike grip on the minds of the Russian people. The most disturbing takeaway: “When the chef at one restaurant found out one of my party was a member of the opposition, he canceled.”

This year’s Easter must-have? Waitrose’s £20 hand-crafted egg by Heston Blumenthal (The Daily Mail)
Some numbers: there will only be 8,000 eggs, each costing £20, which is $33 American dollars, which will cause you one case of sticker shock.

Tabasco: Fighting bland food since 1868 (60 Minutes)
Sanjay Gupta gets his eyes burned out in a private island factory, for culinary journalism.

Momofuku’s David Chang Makes His Car-Commercial Debut in Audi A3 Ad (Grub Street)
It’s set to “We Are The Champions” and also features Ricky Gervais. We’ve never seen them in one room, which we would like to actually see.

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