Breakfast Links: Breakfast at Taco Bell Makes Us Want to Live Mas No More

The Most Important Meal: Who’s Actually Eating Taco Bell Breakfast? (Grubstreet)

It’s fine, we’ll just be breakfast snobs while we scarf down our equally disgusting Starbucks breakfast sandwich (don’t judge us we’re hungover) while we watch this video.

Watch Portlandia’s Visit to a Y2K-Themed Cafe (Eater)

It’s hysterical.

10 Black Chefs That Are Changing The Food World As We Know It (Huffington Post)

Sure, it’s sponsored content from Chipotle, but who cares — we talk all the time about lady chefs, it’s about time to change subjects.

Here’s What Top Chef Joël Robuchon Eats For Breakfast (Business Insider)

Screw breakfast, look what he says about Celine Dion! When asked who his favorite customer was: “… when we first opened, we had some very slow days. And [Celine Dion and her husband] were the first to come, and they started sending a lot of guests our way. They really helped to popularize the restaurant within Las Vegas.” Thinking about Celine Dion doing anything normal is kind of amazing.

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