Breakfast Links: But Officer, We Were Just Having A Food Fight

High Schoolers Are Facing Criminal Charges For a Food Fight (Jezebel)
Unfortunately, the food was not imaginary and the police officers weren’t grown-ups who believed in the power of imagination.

Thin Mint And Tootsie Roll Are Taking On The E-Cigarette Industry (HuffPost)
E-Cigarettes are using the names of actual food brands to label their flavored nicotine, and the makers of Tootsie Rolls and Cinnamon Toast Crunch are fighting back. We wonder if their tune would change if these were marijuana e-cigs.

The Worst Waiter in History (Priceonomics)
The honor goes to the famously abusive Edsel Ford Fong, a waiter at the 100-year-old restaurant San Wo, who would actually say things like this to his customers: “You [stupid]? No coke!! Tea Only!! No sweet and sour!! You see on menu?!! You get house special chow fun…No fork, chopstick only…What you want, fat man?”

Diet Lures and Diet Lies (NYT)
In which Frank Bruni takes on Dr. Oz.

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