Breakfast Links: California Chefs Get to Keep Their Gloves

California lawmakers reconsider bare-hand food ban (AP)
State legislators will reconsider the controversial new law requiring all food service workers to wear gloves, which is an exceedingly rare move for the broken legislative mess known as California. (We’re not fans of California’s government.)

POT by Roy Choi, a Soulful Ode to Korean Cuisine (Eater LA)
Here’s the first look at Roy Choi’s new restaurant POT, which is also a soulful ode to the interiors of Asian strip mall restaurants. (For real, the inside of that restaurant totally nails the “We don’t really give a crap about hiring an interior decorator, now shut up and eat this food” ethos of Asian strip mall restaurants. Except classier and full of pot leaves.)

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Eat Clay (We’re Looking At You, Shailene Woodley) (HuffPost)
Number one: Because it’s clay. Number two: because it’s clay. Number three: It’s clay. Numbers four through infinity: clay.

Neil deGrasse Tyson-Inspired Cocktail and Vulcan Ale Signal New Heights of Nerd-dom (Grub Street)
Uh, do you mean “new heights of an AWESOME GOLDEN AGE OF NERD CULTURE”? We’re sure that’s what you meant, Grub Street.

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