Breakfast Links: Celebrity Chefs Say the Darndest Things

F*ck-Ups From TV’s Biggest Chefs In Honor Of Kitchen Klutzes Of America Day (Huffington Post)

We missed the boat on this totally fake sounding holiday, but it sure is entertaining to watch chefs (namely Paula Deen) f*ck up. (Yet the listicle is void of her most recent sound bites of her apology tour …)

Phrosties Might Not Get You As Phucked Up As You Think. This Is What’s Really Inside (Daily Intelligencer)

Well, at least you can make your own not very boozy Phrosties at home now?

The Drinker’s Guide to the World Cup (First We Feast)

Caipirinhas for all!

Where Does Your Bacon Come From? PBS Sources Its Own (FWX)

Maybe that little pig was onto something.

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