Breakfast Links: Dear Danny Meyer, Please Don’t F— the 9/11 Museum Café Up

Danny Meyer Opening Café Inside 9/11 Museum (Grub Street)
Considering how well the other touristy things inside that museum have gone over (gift shop, etc.), we have three words for Danny Meyer: tread f—ing carefully. You’re one of the few we trust not to fuck up a restaurant at the 9/11 Museum. But really. Don’t fuck it up.

’300 Sandwiches’ chef Stephanie Smith gets her ring at No. 257 (NYP)
It goes to show you: marriage is two parties displaying 85.667% commitment to each other.

Spotlight: Morimoto’s Incredible Levitating Plate (
Whooooooaaaaaaaa levitating plate built with superconductors and magnets WHOOOOOAAAAAAA SCIENCE.

This Kid’s Love Of Watermelon Says Everything About Our Excitement For Summer (HuffPost Food)
Whooooooaaaaaaaa little Asian baby going “ommmmmmmmnomnom” over watermelon WHOOOOOOAAAAA CUTENESS.

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