Breakfast Links: An Eataly Theme Park Is Really Happening

Eataly Wire: Eataly to Build Mega Food Theme Park in Italy (Eater)
Save the date: November 2015 is when Fico Eataly Park, an actual €40 million food theme park about the magical world of organic gelato, will open its doors to the public and make your dreeeeams come truuuuuuue.

Chipotle Introduces New Vegan Burritos and Tacos Across the Country (Serious Eats)
For the sad vegan who can’t join you on your Chipotle runs comes “tofu sofritas.”

Florida Restaurant Charging Customers For Obamacare Costs That Don’t Exist Yet (HuffPost Food)
But, but but but, it’s for how expensive health care’s going to, uh, be.

Here are 500 more foods containing the yoga mat chemical (Salon)
Basically, it’s in all packaged bread. Sorry, Wonder Bread.

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