Breakfast Links: Erin Go Blargh

St. Patrick’s hangover remedies to remember (The Boston Herald)
Whether you celebrated the deed of St. Patrick yesterday or you plan on doing so today, here’s some helpful hangover tips. You’ll need them.

The Truth About Where Cinnamon Comes From (HuffPost)
You really don’t know that much about cinnamon.

San Francisco’s Iconic Sourdough Is Made from 160-Year-Old Yeast (Gizmodo)
Surprisingly, San Francisco is home to a very specific type of yeast, used as the starter for the famous bread. (Someone bring us some.)

Health Food for Foodies (WSJ)
As a physician succinctly put it at a conference held by Harvard and the Culinary Institute of America: “It is not my view that the right question is ‘How do we replace drugs with foods?’ The premise of this conference is ‘How do we help people move in the direction of a healthier lifestyle and diet, to prevent illness or manage illness that’s already occurred?'”

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