Breakfast Links: Everything You Knew About Red Wine Being Healthy Was WRONG

Resveratrol Compound In Red Wine, Chocolate, May Not Be So Healthful After All (HuffPost Food)
Damnit, now we have to fall back on our less guilt-inducing rationale for eating chocolate and drinking red wine: being pathetic.

Video Interlude: Watch Daniel Boulud’s Talk on the Evolution of Cooking (Eater)
No, it’s nothing like this video.

Food. Curated.: Video: El Olomega Food Truck (NYT)
We love this new feature of the Times food section, and this segment — which takes viewers into pupusa-making techniques in a New York good truck — is emblematic of that.

Downeast Cider Shows Us How Hard Cider Is Made in Boston (America’s Test Kitchen Feed)
Oh yeah! Grownup juice!

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