Breakfast Links: Fish Cartels, BBQ Murders, Cannibalism, and More

Russian Cartels Collude Against Norwegian Fish (The Daily Meal)
Norwegian fishermen allege that they can’t offload their catch in the highly lucrative Russian seafood markets thanks to an illegal, price-fixing cartel. Yep, Russian fish cartel. Yep.

Alvin Kenneth Welch Jr. Allegedly Beat Friend To Death Over BBQ Techniques (The Huffington Post)
And apparently, it was over carving technique, which morbidly, for some reason, we’re not sure why, makes us happy that it wasn’t a stabbing.

CAR cannibal tells BBC: I ate man in revenge attack (BBC)
Spurred by escalating religious turmoil in the Central African Republic, a Christian man killed a Muslim in a mob and then proceeded to eat him, in retaliation for the murder of his pregnant wife, sister-in-law, and her child. (Is “Breakfast Links” now the new HBO lineup? We don’t know.)

Are Kitchen Knives Left- or Right-Handed? (
Wait, this is such a good question. Everyone, discuss, especially since the last few links were so brutal.

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