Breakfast Links: Give Your Loved One a Pizza MRE for Valentine’s Day

Pizza MREs: Military Researchers Developing Pizza Slices That Last For Years (AP)
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. Or it could be very pleasant for our troops in combat. We’re not sure anymore.

Oversized McDonald’s in Peru Lets You Relive Your Fondest Childhood Memories
A Lima-based ad agency turned their engorgement ray on a McDonalds to transport customers back to the days of childhood, a magical time when they were too short to see above the countertop at McDonald’s, into the terrifying industrial kitchen. (Childhood was such an innocent time.)

Yuengling Ice Cream Back on Shelves (The Daily Meal)
Beer + Ice Cream = the best thing for single men on Valentine’s Day. (Shhh, it’s okay to eat your feelings, dudes.)

11 Foods Made With The Subway Yoga Mat Chemical (BuzzFeed)
Weirdly not on the list: Pizza MREs.

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