Breakfast Links: Happy 54th Birthday, Nigella Lawson; Why Haven’t You Aged?!

Portrait of Nigella Lucy Lawson, 2000 (National Portrait Gallery of the UK)
Seriously, this portrait was painted in 2000. The only reason we can tell: the denim jacket. What magical potions do you bathe in, lady? But seriously, happy birthday.

Wolfgang Puck: How Did I Get Here? (Bloomberg Businessweek)
He may find himself with a hundred beautiful restaurants. He may find himself in another part of the world. He may find himself giving a restrospective of his illustrious career in an infographic. But he then asked himself: “Well, how did I get here?” (And maybe “This is not my beautiful house!”)

A Legit Sommelier Rates All the Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chucks (Foodbeast)
The former head sommelier from Eleven Madison Park ranks the famously cheap wine with brilliant phrases like: “I get lavender. Like, soapy lavender. It reminds me of my dad’s bathtub.”

Jerome Davis Pulls Knife On Brother For Eating Too Many PB&J Sandwiches (The Huffington Post)
Or: When anti-obesity interventions go too far.

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