Breakfast Links: Happy Lunar New Year, You Punks

In pictures: Chinese New Year around the world (BBC News)
It’s the year of the horse! Go nuts! Eat nuts! (And clementines.)

What does the Big Mac Index really measure? (The Week)
The famed “Big Mac” index from The Economist is often used as an example of comparing the purchasing power of certain countries with McDonald’s franchises, but here’s an argument that it doesn’t actually measure currency manipulation. (Warning: this article is for serious econ nerds only.)

Chewing the Fat With Chef Eric Ripert (
Fish God Eric Ripert talks about entrepreneurship, especially the kind that makes a restaurant the best one in New York City for five consecutive years in a row.

Bizarre Bites: Rat (
Rat: the next white meat? Zimmern makes the case that the scary animals “are pretty darn tasty.”

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