Breakfast Links: ‘Healthy’ Entrees at Casual Restaurants Might Kill You

“Healthy” Restaurant Meals Can Be Even Worse For You Than Hitting The Drive-Through (Consumerist)
Well, at least we’re being told what we already know: your average meal at a Red Lobster, Olive Garden, or TGI Friday’s tops out at about 1,495 calories. But the good (isn) news? …

Red Lobster May Be Cooked: ‘Casual Dining’ Restaurant Category Is Suffering (TIME)
… No one’s really eating at those restaurants anyways. Huzzah!

First look at Curtis Stone’s Maude restaurant in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles Times)
A quote from Stone in the article: “People are going to say, ‘Isn’t that the guy from the TV? Can he actually cook?'” Uh, well played.

Judy Rodgers, Beloved Chef of San Francisco’s Zuni Cafe (PopMatters)
It’s been a month since Rodger’s death, and the accolades keep rolling in; this is a particularly nice one. “Rodgers wrote The Zuni Cafe Cookbook before cooking went viral, before we were awash in a sea of glossy cookbooks full of food never intended for home preparation or consumption. The chef as cult of personality had yet not happened. Readers get a warm, unpretentious woman who spent time with some of the finest cooks in France, then returned home and worked at Chez Panisse.”

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