Breakfast Links: Here’s the Most Celebrity Non-Celebrity Chef Out There

Why Is This Man Cooking?: How Michael Mina Said No to Fame and Built a Restaurant Empire (SF Weekly)

A nice lil’ longform aout Michael Mina’s career, and humility at that. From the article: “A celebrity chef on TV will inspire amateurs and perhaps the next Food Network star. But the product of the massive, super-efficient restaurant machine that Mina has engineered is not just great food, but great chefs and great managers, who then go on to open their own places.”

Teenage Chef Flynn McGarry Pops Up at Fifty Seven (LA Weekly)

Speaking of those celebrity chefs, looks like our youngest is still going at it.

Chef Duels Host Claims Real Housewives Are Saner Than You Think (Adweek)

Oh, Curtis Stone, you silly goose. (He also really likes Hugh Acheson on Instagram.)

How I Became a Bionic Chef (Munchies)

This man is awesome.

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