Breakfast Links: It’s A Coffee Kind of Morning

STUDY: Teens Are Spending All Their Money On Starbucks (HuffPost Food)
We’re probably more inclined to see that money go into something sensible, like a 401(k), but we’re Olds.

Starbucks Says It’ll Pay More Tax In The UK (Reuters)
Speaking of Starbucks and money…

For $45 Per Month, All the Coffee You Can Drink (Businessweek)
And if you’re not into spending all your money at Starbucks, this new app will allow you to drink unlimited coffee at 40 shops in NYC. $45 is about sixish drinks at Starbucks, so this is probably worth it.

Coffee Futures Drop 6% as Brazil Rains May Aid Crops (Bloomberg)
And if you’re really having doubts about Starbucks, peep this financial forecast that says coffee prices might drop thanks to an unexpected rainfall in Brazil!

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