Breakfast Links: Lollipop Kale Not A Candy; Totally Adorable

Lollipop Kale Is the Best New Vegetable You’ve Never Heard Of (Grub Street)
At first we thought it was a stupid candy stunt, but no: it’s actually miniaturized kale, a cross between kale and Brussels Sprouts, and they’re soooooo cuuuuuuuute.

People who live or work near takeaways ‘are almost twice as likely to be obese’ (The Guardian)
It’s a slightly obvious premise, but now there’s research to back it up! (PS: “Takeaway” means “take-out,” because it’s England and they can’t speak American.)

Video: Doug E. Fresh Gets The Crowd Dancing At PHA’s Building A Healthier Future Summit (Obama Foodorama)
Because every morning needs a human beatbox.

One Of The World’s Best Chefs Explains Why He’s Totally Cool With Yelp (Business Insider)
And that chef: Joël Robuchon. Yes, him.

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