Breakfast Links: Michelin Inspectors Judge Top Chef: France, Everybody Flips

Critics turn up their noses at Michelin’s move into reality TV (The Australian, subscription required)
The famously anonymous inspectors will, for the first time, appear on reality television and judge an episode of Top Chef: France. Needless to say, the critic industry thinks they’re selling out.

Philly Bar Employee Fired for Posting Domestic Violence ‘Joke’ on Sidewalk (Grub Street)
Apparently, the poor guy never realized that comparing domestic beer to domestic violence is not a funny joke, to which we say, we like our bartenders the way we like our movies — not glamorizing domestic abuse. Jeez, it’s just that simple.

Cookbooks: Flavors of the South From One of Its Own (NYT)
Read these cookbooks, for the New York Times has told you so.

Passover: Child’s Play? (The New Yorker)
Why can’t children eat bread during Passover? Not just to commemorate the Jews’ flight out of Egypt, argues Bernard Avishai: “the point on Passover is the positive act of eating unleavened bread, matzot, to emphasize the good of freedom.”

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