Breakfast Links: Mouth by Mouthwest

Austin Chefs Speak at South By Southwest (Culture Map)
Four Austin chefs met at an Eater panel at SXSW, and discussed the difficulties and advantages of being an independent chef. (Get it? Because indie? Keep Austin Weird!)

White House Beer Arrives At Canadian Embassy, Settling Obama/Harper Olympic Hockey Bet (Obama Foodorama)
The official Canadian response to the Olympic bet: “#thanksobamaeh”

How to survive on a cook’s salary (First We Feast)
It’s hard out there for a NYC chef making $25K a year, and here’s how you stretch out your budget.

Nine Good Reasons All Chefs Hate Food Writers (
Josh Ozersky lays out some pure, simple facts about food writers that make them universally loathed. We are glad that we don’t critique food for a living, nu? (So can people STOP saying that we do?!)

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