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Breakfast Links: New York City Changes Restaurant Fines, Inspections

New York City Rules Aim to Reduce Restaurant Fines (Wall Street Journal)

By how much, you ask? Nearly 25 percent, thanks to fixed prices for violations (before, judges could hand out fines at their discretion). The move was shepherded by Mayor Bill de Blasio, who says there will be more inspections, but less harsh fines. Wonder what Per Se-gate had to do with it.

Kanye West Surprises Kim Kardashian with 10 Burger King Restaurants (Breitbart)

Marriage is hard, y’all. And you never really know what to get the other, especially when they have everything (including a purse painted with their naked bodies, pictured in this article), so why not invest in some lucrative fast-food establishments?

Russian Tea Room chef Petrous Moldovan was recipe for sexual harrassment of employees: lawsuit (New York Daily News)

Yowza. From the article: “The suit says that the hot-tempered Moldovan – who once told an interviewer: ‘My best weapon is creativity’ – would frequently use the kitchen’s knives, pots and pans for more than cooking by challenging male co-workers. ‘Come get some,’ Moldovan is accused of saying. ‘It will hurt less if you come get some.'” UHHHH NOT OK.

Miami, NY restaurant owner’s body found in India (Associated Press)

Hector Rolotti, founder of the Novocento restaurants in Buenos Aires, Miami, and New York, was found dead in a river, allegedly after jumping in to save another man from the current.

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