Breakfast Links: No, That Indian Food Probably Didn’t Give You Food Poisoning

Gastronomic Bigotry (Slate)

The sub headline says it all: “Do you think an ethnic restaurant caused your food poisoning? You might be a little bit racist.”

French Laundry chef Thomas Keller’s recipe for success (SF Gate)

Thomas Keller is having minor panic attacks about renovating the French Laundry kitchen — but never fear, the man has a plan.

New Orleans restaurants struggling to find enough qualified workers to fill top jobs (Associated Press)

With more than 1,400 restaurants in New Orleans and more opening each week, there’s just not enough workers to fill all the open positions. So up-and-coming chefs, move to New Orleans! Make a difference there!

The Best Restaurant in New York Is: The Armani Store (Gawker)

Or just hang out at the Armani Store and feel very badly about yourself while you eat.

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